Plastic Pen Stand


Made of high quality plastic
Stylish and affordable
Sturdy and attractive
Lightweight desk organizer for home and office

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Pen Stand is an ideal option for gifting as well as personal use. The prevent pens from rolling away or getting lost, reducing clutter and mess on your desk or workspace. These pen holders are lightweight desk organizer for home and office. They organize pens and other writing instruments in a convenient and accessible manner. Other pen holders from Hello August are available here for shopping.


Design 1 (JAGS8040), Design 2 (DG-2169), Design 3 (DG-6906), Design 4 (DG-6911), Design 5 (DG-8050), Design 6 (DG-3007), Design 7 (JAGSPH802), Design 8 (JAGSPR803), Design 9 (JAGSPS804)

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