Art Essentials Drawing Artist Paper (50 cm x 65 cm) 180 GSM


Thickness: 180 GSM | Size: 50 x 65 cm (19.7 x25.6 inches) | Texture: Fine Grain | Colour: Natural White | Price: Rs. 55 for single sheet
Ideal for all dry techniques like Pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, pastels, pen, markers and ink
Light grain texture, neither too smooth nor too prominent; Textured on one side, so smoother side has considerably less tooth; Withstands repeated erasing & scraping
Mould-resistant treatment; Archival Cartridge Paper; Complies with ISO Standard 9706; Acid-free and without optical brightness additives
Made in Europe; Fine grain side of the paper is wonderful for ink sketching

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Art Essentials Drawing Artist Paper is a 100% wood free cellulose paper. It is a natural white paper with a fine grain texture which makes every stroke of your pencil a real pleasure. Artist Drawing paper is manufactured without optical brighteners, is free of chlorine & acid and is mould resistant. It is Archival / age resistant, which means it does not yellow over time.

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