Camel Artists’ Acrylic Colour 40 ml Tube (Single Colour Selectable)


Camel Artists’ Acrylic Colours are soft, creamy and are a golden mean between water colours and oil colours. They can be used directly from the tube, mixed with an acrylic medium or with water. Relief texture can be obtained by the application of thick paint with a palette knife and large areas can be built up without any fear of cracking. The Acrylic Colours adhere to a great variety of surfaces like canvas, wood and earthenware.


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Salient features of Camel Artists Acrylic Colour
A fast drying, multi-purpose, multi-surface medium, which can accommodate most foreign textures
Bright, glossy and long lasting finish
Water soluble colours suitable for a wide range of surfaces including canvas
High pigmentation ensuring unmatched brilliance, coverage and light fastness
Easy to use, carry and store with long shelf life
Safe and non-toxic confirming to globally accepted ASTM (AP non-toxic) certification


Titanium White (423), Black (016), Lemon Yellow (236), Permanent Light Blue (335), Permanent Yellow Deep (337), Permanent Yellow Medium (338), Scarlet Lake (394), Crimson Lake (063), Cobalt Blue Hue (056), Prussian Blue (351), Sap Green (391), Olive Green (281), Aqua Green (009), Ultramarine Blue (436), Viridian Hue (453), Yellow Ochre (492), Burnt Sienna (031), Raw Sienna (366), Burnt Umber (032), Permanent Orange (334), Deep Magenta (112), Gold (171), Copper (060), Permanent Green Light (332), Medium Magenta (284), Cadmium Orange (039), Turquoise Deep (428), Brilliant Yellow Green (026), Cadmium Green Pale Hue (036), Emerald Green (117), Turquoise Green (427), Cerulean Blue Hue (071), Vermilion Hue (449), Brilliant Purple (023), Permanent Rose (340), Mauve (255), Cobalt Teal (057), Grey (180), Payne's Grey (305), Phthalo Blue (358), Manganese Blue Hue (282), Indian Red (201), Hooker's Green Deep (192), Naples Yellow Hue (271), Cadmium Red (041), Pyrolle Orange (357), Permanent Green Deep (331), Cadmium Lemon Hue (038), Unbleached Titanium (437), Portrait Pink (339), Cadmium Yellow Medium (045), Indian Yellow (205), Raw Umber (367), Silver (400), Antique Bronze (007), Antique Gold (010), Gold Bronze (177), Pearl White (320), Phthalo Turquoise (359), Zinc White (496)

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