Brustro Artists Greengold Flat Brush


Ideal for acrylic, gouache, oil and also watercolours
These brushes keep their shape after long and vigorous use
The bristles are stiff, with a precise snap that makes them excellent for use with heavy-bodied acrylics and oils
They have long handles that allow artists to work at a distance from the painting surface
Great for thin to wide strokes
Square, flexible ends to hold a lot of paint
Useful to make long strokes
Well suited to blending and painting in large areas
Can also be used for more delicate lines and small touches

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Brustro, a registered brand of Creative Hands boasts of becoming people’s choice by providing the highest quality at feasible rates for artists, hobbyists, students and amateurs. It encompasses a wide range of canvases, papers, easels, brushes and a variety of accessories to complement its range of artists’ products.


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