Silicone Clay/Resin Mould


Made of Silicon and highly flexible
Useful for icing/cake decorating
Can be used with Resin, Gum Paste, Jelly, Muffin, Fondant, Sugarpaste, Melted Chocolate, Wax, Ice, Soap, etc.


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These moulds are made of silicone and are very flexible, which means they don’t need a releasing agent and your finished piece just comes out very easily and with the use of minimal force. The moulds can be used for a variety of materials including wax, polymer clays, soap, gypsum/plaster of Paris , various types of resins etc. Moreover, these molds are Owen compatible and can be used to make oven-baked finished products. The temperature of the oven should be less than 200℃.


Crown, Peacock, Floral Corner Pattern, Maple Leaf, Valentine Theme

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